An IT Professional
with Proven Results

Innovative Technology Design, Implementation and Support Services


An Innovative IT Professional

Professional certifications in information security management and market leading technology vendors Microsoft, VMware and ITIL. Real world experience in the public and private sectors. 

Experienced Professionals

The staff at Tutoring are all trained professionals who excel in their field. Many of our educators also have supplement training in alternative learning strategies.

Unique Approach

The Tutoring teaching method is based on an innovative and result-oriented technique that helps students overcome barriers to bring concrete results. 

Private or Small Groups

Some people learn best on their own; others prefer learning in groups. At Tutoring, you can choose the environment that works best for you. 

Short & Focused Lessons 

Every lesson is 45 minutes long, for optimal effectiveness. You can have one or two sessions per week, depending upon your need and availability.

About Jonathan Murch

Tutoring is an academic agency that provides top notch tutoring in a variety of subjects. We offer both private and small group sessions, so you can choose exactly the tutoring style you like best.

Our tutor agency is distinguished by the high level of service and support we provide to our students, deep knowledge of school and university entry requirements, a unique international network of tuition centres around the world, and most importantly, the high calibre of our tutors.

Our Expertise

We excel at preparing students for a wide range of post-secondary school exams, according
to the requirements of diverse college and university programs.


“I was failing math and really frustrated. Tutoring helped me understand the material and now I’m at the top of my class.”

Caralynn W.
Bussiness Student

“You really helped me through Basic Chemistry, and this enabled me to get into the program that I really wanted! I can't thank you enough."

Brian R.
Psychology Student

“My tutoring sessions were easy and fun. I did the Small Group program, and highly recommend it for anyone who learns better with others.”

Rachel L.
Science Student

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